Your Guide to a Perfect Property Viewing

Your Guide to a Perfect Property Viewing

They say you shouldn’t let your heart rule your head when viewing your home-to-be. We think that a little bit of both will go a long way in making a sensible decision on your future pad. You are bound to find pros and cons in your search for the ideal home, but here’s some essential words of wisdom we think should top your list to guarantee a perfect viewing.

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The Agent Relations

Before you set foot in any property you need to recognise that the UAE, and especially Dubai, has a competitive real estate market. This means, any one property could be what a number of would-be tenants are wishing for. Build a good relationship with your agent to help you be at the top of their contact list as soon as a property with your specifications hits the market.

Let There Be Light

The glistening sun is probably a top reason most choose to be a UAE resident. Make a point of going for viewings at different times of the day to assess the intensity of natural light in a property. Natural light is important because it’s something you can’t change. Take a note on which direction the property is facing. East facing properties, for example, face the rising sun. The sun isn’t only responsible for the ambiance of the house but also your wealth. Think of all the money you’ll save on electricity when the sun beams through your windows, lighting and warming your rooms. You’ll want to check the functionality of the windows at this stage too and insure they open and shut properly.

Room in a Room

If your potential crash pad doesn’t come furnished, keep a note of the size of the furniture you’ll place in your new space. Preparation is key to how your design concept will take shape and whether the sofa or bed your lusting after is worth forking out on. While house hunting, travel with the tape measure in your pocket. This will be a good time to look at how symmetrical the walls are too. As a rule of thumb, the more symmetry, the bigger the illusion of space. That’s a sure sign you’ll have the freedom to hang art on walls without giving the overcrowded look.

Storage Flourish: It’s not you, it’s me. I need space.

Whether you’re part of the 92% of Dubai expat residents or a local, you’ll accumulate a pile of can’t-get-rid-ofs. Avoid a future dent in your wallet by checking for built-in closets in the bedrooms, drawers under staircases and cupboards in bathrooms. Because not all properties boast garages or a garden to mount a shed, built-in furniture will save money and allow you to create that smooth transition.

Pipework Should Be In Your Pipeline

Turn on the taps in the kitchens and bathrooms to inspect the water faucets in the house. Your water supply should be completely odourless, colourless and running strong. Rusty water could indicate poor pipework and will add a hefty sum to your budget. While you’re at it, check for mold and any dampness to avoid extra costly and time consuming fixing ventures.

Noise: Silence Speaks Volumes

If you’re opting for an urban apartment, higher floors decrease the level of city noise, turning it into a uniform weak rumble of a low tonality; night rest galore. You’re also more likely to have better views and purity of air. The maximum concentration of harmful substances in the atmosphere reaches approximately the 8th floor. Take the time to address if construction is taking place nearby too as villas can block the noise so well and that might skew your decisions.

Location, Location, Location

Make a day of it and roam around the community because you might find a property with all the right attributes but if it’s not in the right place, then your heart shouldn’t give it space. You could even knock on a few doors to get a scope of the area’s highlights. Consider what makes your life easier and make sure these amenities are in close proximity or included in the building. Any supermarkets, schools, entertainment, mosques, sporting facilities or restaurants around? Make a list of what your can’t-live-withouts are. Also, don’t forget to check out propertyfinder’s Area Guides and Map tool for a window into your potential neighbourhood.

 The Money Pit: Questions on Finance

           – How much is the rent and what is included in this price?
           – Are the amenities of the building included in the rent? How about the appliances? Chiller fees?
           – What other bills are there and what are you liable to pay for?
           – What are the estimated running costs of the property?
           – Can you comfortably afford the rent on top of the deposits and running costs?

4 Extra Takeaways

           – Double-check the inventory before you move in.
           – Get a copy of the tenancy agreement and make sure you fully understand it.
           – Keep your own signed copy of the tenancy agreement.
           – Can you ask previous tenants about their experience with the landlord and the property?